"Connecting Christians to the Urban Mission Field"

Missional Mapping

Missional Mapping is looking at a city strategically and developing a plan to systematically discover who’s there and determining how best to reach them with the Gospel.

Knowing what people groups are in an urban area can be a challenge.  Population density, urban expansion and increased immigration has changed some of the old assumptions and has presented us with a set of new challenges.

What’s In a Word?


Missional means different things to different people and organizations.  I have found the simplest expression in Jeff Iorg’s book Live Like a Missionary: Giving Your Life For What Matters Most (pgs. 16.17).

“A missional Christian understands God’s mission and shapes his or her life accordingly.  A missionary, in the traditional sense, is certainly a missional Christian.  But so is any believer who strategically shares the gospel (or does other kingdom advancing activities) in his or her circle of influence — even without moving across the country or around the world.”

Why The Name?

 As Nehemiah led the effort to restore the city of Jerusalem he rallied God’s people to the work of rebuilding the walls — because it was their work to do.

If their hearts weren’t in it then the work wouldn’t get done. This says a lot about their faith in God and their belief in His promises to not only deliver them, but to also prosper them in the presence of their enemies who were trying to hinder the work.