Missional Mapping

Missional Mapping is looking at a city strategically and developing a plan to systematically discover who’s there and determining how best to reach them with the Gospel.

Knowing what people groups are in an urban area can be a challenge.  Population density, urban expansion and increased immigration has changed some of the old assumptions and has presented us with a set of new challenges.

We believe that visualizing the mission field can aid in the discovery process by not only showing where people are, but the social and economic circumstances they are in. This helps inform us where and how ministry can be accomplished should be carried out.

Take a look a the map below. It shows the Race and Poverty by census tract in lower Manhattan, NY.  As you can see the lower section of the map has a high Asian population and the poverty level is greater than 20%.  What are the implication for ministry in this area?

The lower right section of the map where the Race pie charts have larger “red” slices (Some Other Race Alone) is a good indicator of a  high Foreign-Born population.  And as the map shows they also have a 20% or higher poverty level.

What other information would be useful?  Country of birth? Language spoken at home?  Household Income?  This information provides context for ministry. Visualizing the information provides a missional map.

Hopefully this quick example has shown you the potential of Missional Mapping, but keep in mind its only a tool.  There is no substitute for engaging the people where they live and work with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

{amind2work} is here to Connect Christians to the Urban Mission Field.   Missional Mapping is one tool we use to do that.  Please contact us  for more information or to discuss how we can help you with your project.  Be sure to register on the bottom of the home page so you can receive updates when we add post, static maps and interactive maps that take Missional Mapping to a whole different level!